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Taobao Business Department - Live Broadcasting Operation Expert - Playful Life

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Playful LifeIndustry: Toys and Fashion, Jewelry Accessories, Home Furnishings, Flowers and Gardening 1. Based on the industry, consumers and content hot spots, design breakthrough live broadcast strategies and activities and implement them, and be responsible for live broadcast transactions 2. Develop and maintain the channel resources of institutions and talent anchors, analyze channel positioning, formulate live broadcast cooperation plans, and increase the transaction share of live broadcast channels in the industry 3. Work closely with various industry segments and scenarios to develop content hot topics and continuously optimize them to increase the depth of consumer content browsing 4. According to the target consumer portrait, formulate corresponding content and business strategies, improve purchase conversion and transaction, and establish an effective business model. 1. Those with experience in operating live broadcast organizations, stores or e-commerce platforms, and those with cooperation resources of talent organizations are preferred 2. Have a keen sense of the market and innovative thinking habits, love live broadcasting, and be able to understand consumers and discover new opportunities 3. Have strong data sensitivity and analytical skills, and be good at discovering and solving business problems through data analysis 4. Strong cross-team collaboration ability, optimistic and tough, embrace change, have a sense of necessity and entrepreneurial spirit, full of passion and positive energy

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