Stamping fitter technician

3-5 years
9 days ago
Job Description

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Working location: Weifang City
  • Education: Technical secondary school and above
  • Release time: 2023-09-19
  • Number of recruits: 8
  • Job responsibilities: < /h2>

  • 1. Carry out regular maintenance according to the mold maintenance operating specifications
    2. Improve and close mold problem points with unstable mold production and frequent maintenance
    3. Formulate plans for repairing molds Develop a mold maintenance improvement plan to meet the quality requirements of each node and ensure the supply plan for large orders
    4. Formulate a mold maintenance plan for mold problems and register maintenance orders in the system.
    5. Assemble new mold workpieces according to mold assembly drawings and mold assembly operation standards to ensure mold quality and T0 delivery date.
    6. Carry out daily maintenance and assembly of mold workpieces according to mold repair techniques.
    7. According to the sample order arrangement plan and the quality requirements of each node of the product, timely maintenance and improvement of molds is required to ensure the delivery of sample orders.

  • Job requirements:

  • 1. Technical secondary school or above in mechanical processing, mold design or other majors
    2. 3 Years and above of stamping hardware mold maintenance experience, familiar with electronic hardware continuous stamping mold structure
    3. Able to independently perform mold maintenance and repair according to product drawing requirements, and provide reasonable improvement plans based on mold problems
    4 , Proficient in operating punches and grinders.
    5. Adapt to day and night shifts, have a sense of responsibility, team awareness, and obey the supervisor's arrangements.

  • Warm reminder:

  • Resumes can only be submitted once, please select the position you are interested in. After successful application, your selection will be used as a reference for the allocation department.




mold maintenance
mold repair
mold maintenance improvement
mold workpieces
mold assembly
mold maintenance plan
mold production
electronic hardware continuous stamping mold structure
mold repair techniques
stamping hardware
mold problem points
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