Sports Mobile Games-Community Responsible for content operations

10 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. The overall management of each community position of the IP series basketball mobile games, responsible for community ecological operation and content construction and other work functions
2. Responsible for the content distribution of combined versions, and docking with the content production team (such as brand/channel/supplier etc.), output strategy and subsequent execution
3. Support community user operation strategies and activity organization, establish communication/interaction paths and mechanisms between the official and players, create a good community atmosphere, and collaborate with the R&D team to complete product optimization
4. Support content promotion work, follow up the production and production management of game content, pay attention to the delivery effect, collect and analyze relevant data to continuously optimize strategies.


Applicants with more than 1.3 years of experience in game content operations, and experience in game community operations, new media operations, etc. are preferred
2. Strong content creativity and planning are required Ability, user demand capturing ability and hot spot insight ability
3. Good at cooperation and communication, with certain ability to connect creator platform resources, long-term maintenance of good relationships with platform partners and responsible for operational data
4. Knowledge and love of sports (basketball), experience in related games will be preferred.



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