Soil Health Project Manager (2024 Fall Campus Recruitment)

0-2 years
14 days ago
Job Description

< p>1. Technical research on the physical, chemical and biological improvement, repair, conditioning and evaluation of degraded farmland soil 2. Integrate leading domestic and foreign technologies to develop soil health products with market competitiveness and scientific and technological content, and conduct small-scale and medium-scale trials. Testing, experimental demonstration, industrial transformation, product finalization, promotion of marketing, etc. 3. Combined with obstacle soil types and crops, develop solutions and verify and promote them 4. Strictly implement the code of conduct for R&D personnel, abide by various laboratory rules and regulations, and strengthen the laboratory Daily management and ensuring the safety of R&D work 5. Strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. 1. Agree with the soil health strategy and have feelings for soil health be fluent in spoken English and have overseas study experience. 2. Familiar with degraded soil improvement, conditioning and evaluation technologies, the application of soil physical, chemical, biological and other testing indicators and the relationship between soil functions and crops 3. Have experience in soil health product development and industrialization 4. Communication and coordination skills Strong, good sense of innovation, good at meeting challenges, good pressure resistance, and strong execution ability 5. Proficient in commonly used office software and have good professional quality.




soil health
office software
soil physical
pressure resistance
professional quality
soil chemical
testing indicators
soil biological
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