S2-Fixed Asset Management

2-3 years
14 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Responsible for coordinating fixed assets Daily management work, including sorting out fixed asset management systems, process guidance, and daily business work order processing, to ensure the normal operation of fixed asset management affairs
2. Responsible for the inventory and inventory of fixed assets, regularly organizing and participating in fixed assets Conduct inventory and inventory to ensure that the accounts of fixed assets are consistent, and timely discover and deal with problems such as losses and gains in fixed assets
3. Responsible for the information management of fixed assets, using information technology to maintain and update Fixed assets information management platform realizes dynamic management and real-time monitoring of fixed assets
4. Responsible for organizing and coordinating the communication work of asset management of relevant departments, and participating in decision-making on important matters of fixed asset management
5. Responsible for the statistical analysis and reporting of fixed assets, including fixed asset indicator analysis, energy efficiency analysis, etc.
6. Complete other related tasks of fixed asset management based on actual management conditions.


1. Accounting, financial management and other related majors, bachelor degree or above
2. Have 2-3 years of experience in corporate fixed asset management, familiar with fixed asset management related work
3. Have strong organizational and coordination skills, communication skills, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities
4. Have good professional ethics and ethics, be responsible for work certification, and be careful and rigorous
/>5. Proficient in operating office software and fixed assets management information system.




office software
fixed assets management information system

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