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Respiratory Physician (J44060)

BOE Technology


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Job Description

Job Responsibilities
1. Under the guidance and authorization of the superior physician, be responsible for daily diagnosis and treatment.
2. Follow the arrangement of the superior physician, undertake the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the patients in the care bed, and undertake the hospitalization and emergency duty arranged by the department.
3. Timely execute the instructions issued by the superior physician, examine, diagnose, treat inpatients, issue medical orders, track the efficacy, observe the results, and record them truthfully.
4. When the superior physician makes rounds, be responsible for reporting the medical history, physical sign changes, vital signs and test results, and timely and accurately record the instructions of the superior physician's rounds and the patient's condition, clinical examination, analysis and judgment, test results and disease progression. Before the patient goes through the discharge procedures, complete the writing of the hospitalization medical records and other medical documents that should be completed during the hospitalization period (including the signature of the superior physician).
5. Do a good job in handover.
Education: Undergraduate
Work experience:
Master's degree student with four certificates in one (degree certificate, academic certificate, practicing physician certificate and regular training certificate) standardized training rotation or formal work experience in hospitals above level 3, and at least 3,000 patients who have participated in the management assist the superior physician to complete the operation of this specialty.
Required major: Clinical medicine

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., or Jingdongfang (Chinese: &#20140&#x3B;&#19996&#x3B;&#26041&#x3B;&#31185&#x3B;&#25216&#x3B;&#38598&#x3B;&#22242&#x3B;&#32929&#x3B;&#20221&#x3B;&#26377&#x3B;&#38480&#x3B;&#20844&#x3B;&#21496&#x3B;), is a Chinese electronic components producer founded in April 1993. Its core businesses are interface devices, smart IoT systems and smart medicine and engineering integration.BOE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD, OLEDs and flexible displays.

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