R&D position - Application technology development (2024 fall campus recruitment)

0-2 years
2 months ago
Job Description

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1. Main research direction: working fluid application technology and composition development 2. Specifically engaged in fluorocarbon chemical composition formula development and application technology research 3. Responsible for the development of new functions and applications of fluorocarbon chemicals and research 4. Responsible for the system cycle performance calculation of new mixed working fluids 5. Responsible for the daily HSE work of this position. 1. Master's degree in energy power, refrigeration, engineering thermophysics, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related majors 2. Understand the relevant principles of the group contribution method and methods for estimating target properties 3. Understand the calculation method of mixed working fluid phase equilibrium 4. Understand Fluid equation of state, semi-empirical equation of state form, required parameters, etc. 5. Strong hands-on ability, focusing on teamwork and communication.




fluorocarbon chemical composition formula development
estimating target properties
system cycle performance calculation
hands-on ability
semi-empirical equation of state form
application technology research
HSE work
Fluid equation of state
mixed working fluid phase equilibrium
group contribution method
Job Source: sinochem.hotjob.cn

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