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Qingcheng Fanxing - Customer Service Supervisor - Service Management (Quzhou)

Taotian Group


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Job Responsibilities: According to business goals and organizational development direction, by establishing and improving the daily operation mechanism of the project, island personnel full life cycle management, improve personnel professionalism and personnel retention, while ensuring the healthy and stable operation of the project, continuously improve customer experience, and be responsible for business delivery results and the implementation of organizational strategies. Specific responsibilities 1. Decompose and implement business strategies in combination with business goals and stage development changes 2. Formulate and implement personnel retention and growth strategies based on project development needs 3. Daily business operations and data analysis and monitoring. , Ability requirements: Professional ability 1. Call center professional ability: Have a full-link perspective of the call center, be good at resource management, and be able to effectively follow up on special indicators such as on-site management and scheduling management 2. Business goal analysis and achievement ability: Familiar with/understand the underlying logic of the business, effectively decompose the goals, formulate effective strategies, and ensure the achievement of goals 3. Team management ability: Through personnel echelon building, organizational culture and personnel growth promotion, it is possible to manage a team of 500+. General ability 1. Project management and coordination ability: Use special methods and methods in daily project activities to enable the project to achieve or exceed the needs and expectations of the project goals 2. Data analysis ability: Through data analysis, observe, distinguish, analyze and sort out the problems or scenarios encountered in the business, and effectively locate the core problems and causes or find valuable business improvement and optimization opportunities.
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