Program Planning Post (J43964)

1-3 years
10 days ago
Job Description

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design and implementation plan of multimedia system integration projects
2. Familiar with multimedia system integration knowledge: such as serial communication, strong and weak current, network system integration, integrated wiring , equipment hardware (computers, audio and video equipment, central control, screens, projections, sensors), interactive software, etc., familiar with project organization management and project implementation
3. Careful in work, able to complete excellent integrated solutions independently, solve integration problems Technical problems
4. Formulate and prepare bidding documents, project proposals, and industry technical documents
5. Responsible for organizational and technical work in the bidding process.
1. Bachelor degree or above, science and engineering background, more than 1 year of solution work experience
2. Familiar with the overall product/project implementation process, including From demand analysis to product release/project delivery
3. Have excellent learning and analytical skills, be good at analyzing the essence of problems, effectively utilize various resources, and solve problems quickly
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and Enthusiastic, proactive, capable of execution, and able to withstand a certain amount of pressure
5. Cheerful personality, good at communication, and team spirit.



equipment hardware
interactive software
bidding documents
network system integration
industry technical documents
pressure management
strong and weak current
central control
project organization management
integrated wiring
audio and video equipment
Job Source:

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., or Jingdongfang (Chinese: &#20140&#x3B;&#19996&#x3B;&#26041&#x3B;&#31185&#x3B;&#25216&#x3B;&#38598&#x3B;&#22242&#x3B;&#32929&#x3B;&#20221&#x3B;&#26377&#x3B;&#38480&#x3B;&#20844&#x3B;&#21496&#x3B;), is a Chinese electronic components producer founded in April 1993. Its core businesses are interface devices, smart IoT systems and smart medicine and engineering integration.BOE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD, OLEDs and flexible displays.

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