Peace Elite-Senior Firearms Planning

0-2 years
11 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. In-depth participation in design Establishing the core combat of shooting games, including but not limited to firearms, 3C, combat feedback and performance, etc.
2. Participate in the planning and implementation of the firearm system, and be responsible for the quality control of specific weapon parameters, models, actions, special effects, and audio pipeline processes Control
3. Based on test feedback and data analysis, continue to optimize combat feel and balance.


1. Experience in combat module design and production, priority will be given to those with experience in leading feel optimization
2. Love games, in-depth understanding of the core combat mechanisms and principles of mainstream shooting mobile games, Ability to quickly implement and iterate solutions based on relevant disassembly analysis and refinement
3. Strong logical thinking, user experience sensitivity, and self-motivation.




combat module design
combat mechanisms
disassembly analysis
feel optimization
user experience sensitivity

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