Patient Solutions Leader - Digestion Oncology Therapeutics

8-10 years
7 days ago
Job Description

The Position

Insights and Strategies

1. Organize and analyze data , gain insight into business opportunities and risks

2. Assist regional ecological group leaders to formulate localization strategies, including: establishment of academic platforms and resource layout, access and security operations, innovation platforms and patient affordability Improvement, etc., all measures related to improving diagnosis and treatment levels and full patient management

Platform and project collaboration

1. Ensure Effective implementation and integration of resources to maximize resource use efficiency

2. Reasonably arrange the team's work focus and support the implementation of various key tasks of the ecosystem leader

Cross-department communication and cooperation

Connect with the medical, legal compliance, access, market, training and other departments outside the circle (headquarters) to ensure that within the ecosystem Timely and accurate transmission of external information

Team management and personnel coaching

Continuously promote the team's work efficiency and create agility

Qualification and Experience Ability and experience

Job Required CompetenciesCompetencies required for the position

  • Growth mindset and rapid learning ability
  • Possess Business acumen, market insight, and planning capabilities
  • Excellent communication and resource integration capabilities
  • Partner and key account management Ability
  • Team management or team management experience without authority

Years of Working ExperienceWorking experience

. More than 8 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, management experience is preferred

. Cross-functional or therapeutic field experience is preferred

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Education/QualificationsEducation level/Qualification certificates obtained

.Bachelor degree or above (medicine, pharmacy, marketing related is preferred)

Who we are

At Roche, more than 100,000 people across 100 countries are pushing back the frontiers of healthcare. Working together, we've become one of the world's leading research-focused healthcare groups. Our success is built on innovation, curiosity and diversity.

Roche is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





partner and key account management
planning capabilities
resource integration

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