Patient Solution Manager - Ophthalmology

5-7 years
11 days ago
Job Description

The Position

The primary function of the position

  • Draw a clear flow chart of patient medical treatment within the ecosystem, and establish a full-process patient management process and system within or between hospitals
  • Assist in promoting the establishment of consultation channels for hospitals and related departments in the ecosystem, Promote the transfer of patients between upper and lower hospitals and establish green referral channels
  • Establish and manage full-process patient management projects in the ecosystem, and promote the implementation of each project.
  • Collaborate with disease area managers to focus on and promote the full management of disease areas and optimization of treatment plans
  • Integrate Roche's relevant payment solutions to enhance the team/customer/patient's panoramic perspective on payment solutions
  • Support third-party disease awareness education projects, carry out patient education based on the regional status and overall strategies of relevant disease fields, deepen patients disease awareness, and improve patient benefits
  • Proactively work with Team members collaborate and share to integrate information and improve team customer/patient insights.

Competencies required for the position

  • Ability to learn knowledge across disease areas and business acumen
  • High communication skills and efficient execution capabilities
  • Partner and key account management capabilities
  • Correct thinking and behavior (mission-driven, win-win cooperation , growth mindset)
  • More than 5 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Previous sales/marketing/medical experience
  • Cross-functional work experience is preferred
  • >
  • Bachelor degree or above in medicine or pharmacy

Who we are

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