Motor controller application layer software development engineer_ITK

3-5 years
12 days ago
Job Description

Job Description

Responsible for new energy vehicles Main drive motor controller application layer software algorithm development and testing related work

Algorithm development includes but is not limited to temperature estimation algorithm, over-modulation algorithm, NVH optimization algorithm, soft decoding algorithm, position sensorless control algorithm, Dead zone compensation, temperature compensation, angle compensation algorithm and other functions

Carry out new function algorithm design, complete Simulink modeling and unit testing analyze, solve and optimize existing control algorithm problems

Write software requirements, reports and documents related to control algorithm development

Conduct MIL/HIL testing, formulate test plans and test strategies, and design test cases and scripts

Supports bench and vehicle matching calibration of application layer software


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Master degree or above in electrical engineering, automatic control, automotive electronics and other related majors

3 years of experience in the development of new energy vehicle MCU permanent magnet synchronous motor controller application layer software

Proficient in the basic principles of motor theory, motor control and power electronics, with a good theoretical foundation in automatic control, and proficient in permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control, direct torque control, field weakening control algorithm, and over-modulation algorithm , dead zone compensation, NVH performance optimization

Familiar with automobile and electric drive system software and hardware, understand the latest development trends, core functional requirements and algorithm implementation solutions in the field of new energy vehicle motor control, and have rapid prototype development Experience

Familiar with AUTOSAR architecture, AUTOSAR development experience is preferred

Familiar with ASPICE development process is preferred

Have certain functional safety concepts and experience

Be familiar with ASPICE development process

Have certain functional safety concepts and experience


Good teamwork, innovative, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility

Additional Information

. The internal recommendation bonus for this position is RMB 5,000 (applicable only to internal Bosch employees). For details, please refer to the Bosch China Internal Recommendation Policy< /p>

. Internal Referral bonus of this vacancy:RMB 5,000 (Valid only for Bosch associates). For the detailed regulation, please refer toBosch China Internal Referral Policy.

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field weakening control algorithm
dead zone compensation
over-modulation algorithm
motor theory
direct torque control
permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control

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