Logistics Experience Development Department-Warehouse Operation-Cross-Border Operation

2-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

1. Solution: Develop a cross-border supply chain solution based on business development strategy and business status. 2. Operation management: Rich experience in cross-border import full-link performance (forward, reverse, customs affairs) Experience, familiar with the operational processes of cross-border import retail business 3. Standardized operations: Based on direct operation/platform logistics operation scenarios, improve product functions, and formulate corresponding solutions 4. Target management: Have project cross-border budget management and cost analysis Have a certain foundation, formulate operational plans and strategies based on the company's overall strategic goals, and achieve set goals according to the plan. 5. Digital capability building: Work with industry, technology and algorithm students to promote the productization of the supply chain data operation system, build and improve the supply chain data operation & decision-making platform 6. Digital operation: Coordinate the rhythm of import supply chain operation analysis and focus, core goal formulation, tracking and special analysis, able to provide certain improvement suggestions, communicate with the business to promote implementation, 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of experience in the Internet industry more than 2 years of cross-border logistics operation experience is preferred , those with cognitive experience in cross-border logistics product systems will be given priority 2. Familiar with the import supply chain management system, and have an in-depth understanding of inventory, logistics, and costs 3. Have strong data analysis and processing capabilities, and strong logic Thinking and structured thinking ability 4. Be familiar with warehousing and distribution logistics operation management models and key nodes, and have logistics cost management awareness 5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and adaptability, as well as good communication, coordination and execution capabilities 6. Innovation Strong ability and execution ability strong ability to withstand pressure, actively embrace changes good at thinking




product functions
digital capability
digital operation
standardized operations
data operation
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