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Logistics Experience Development Department - Reverse Logistics Solutions - Hangzhou

Taotian Group


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1. Collaborate with the team to create Taotian reverse logistics solutions, and provide consumers with better logistics services, such as door-to-door pickup for returns, self-shipping at service points, etc. 2. Based on actual business needs, design new solutions or optimize and iterate existing solutions, and promote the online operation of the solutions to meet the requirements of large-scale promotion. 3. Ability to flexibly select different solutions, including but not limited to business strategies, operational improvements, system construction, etc., according to different situations in different periods, such as market environment, consumer demand environment, production and technology resource environment, etc. 4. Investigate the actual situation and demands of logistics service providers and consumers, gain insight into new opportunities, and ensure the rationality and feasibility of the plan. ,1. Those with experience in e-commerce platforms, logistics platforms or similar work are preferred. 2. Outstanding comprehensive quality and ability, with a certain understanding of business, technology, business management and operations, and product manager-related position experience is preferred. 3. Excellent logical thinking, language expression and communication skills 4. Sensitive to data and strong data analysis ability
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