Logistics Department-Operation Safety Management-Security

5-10 years
14 days ago
Job Description

1. Coordinate national security management work, in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation and needs of the logistics site, Establish and improve safety and loss prevention management system standards and promote their implementation 2. Organize and implement audits of various on-site business processes, formulate process optimization suggestions when problems or risk points are discovered, and provide timely feedback to management and business departments 3 , Cooperate with integrity and internal control to complete the investigation of various case complaints, and maintain the company's integrity culture and policies. 4. Develop an effective internal assessment mechanism, pay attention to the balance between efficiency and risk, and coordinate with various departments to monitor, identify, evaluate and improve risks 5. Responsible for communication and coordination with Party B's cooperative service providers to ensure the implementation of safety policies ,1. Understand the regulatory rules of listed companies, and be proficient in corporate internal control, loss prevention, and integrity supervision process systems 2. More than 10 years of work experience, more than 5 years of related backgrounds in loss prevention/internal control, integrity supervision, and logistics industry management experience Priority 3. Have team management experience and master the ability of risk identification, analysis and evaluation 4. Strong logic, good communication and influence, good at cross-department cooperation 5. College degree or above, adaptable to business trips




risk identification
cross-department cooperation
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