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Laser application Development Engineer (ADP)_DSM Advanced Operations Technology (Taipei)

Delta Electronics


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This position lacks main work content : 1. Optoelectronic engineering technology development, optical system R&D and design, optical system test analysis, optical electronics integrated development, optical simulation analysis operations, hardware system R&D and design 2. Design and develop optical systems. 3. Research the development and optimization of laser process parameters, and prepare relevant technical documents (including SOP) and reports. 4. Research the characteristics and theory of optoelectronic components, optoelectronic physics and technology, integrated optics, optoelectronic coupling, and optical fiber coaxial systems 5. Assist in the introduction of new processes and optical systems 6. Contact foreign original manufacturers for technical support and conduct specification evaluation and application development . 7. Make customer samples and support customers in solving product problems. 8. Assist in the evaluation, sampling, testing, application, and analysis of new projects. 9. Use computer numerical analysis to simulate the physical behavior of laser processes and provide improvement suggestions. 10. Be familiar with simulation-related knowledge and skills and have good presentation and problem analysis and solving abilities. 11. Other matters assigned by the supervisor
Last Updated: 20-07-2024 00:12:15 AM
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