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Hema - Warehouse Investment Expert - Headquarters

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the external leasing of Hema warehouse resources and customer investment 2. Internally communicate with supply chain, procurement, operations, finance, and legal affairs, and complete product solution design for external customers. 3. Exploration and investment promotion of Hema's upstream suppliers VMI model. 4. Customer BD and contract signing.

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of experience in warehouse property leasing. A large number of developer resources, and long-term cooperative relationships with large developers in the industry. Have resources and capabilities for cold chain warehouses. 2. Have the ability to attract investment, BD business personnel of large cold chain companies are preferred. Have rich customer resources and good customer service experience in cold chain logistics, and understand the third-party service needs of cold chain logistics. 3. Understand the storage rental prices in various cities, be familiar with the storage rental process, and have rich experience in storage rental contracts. 4. Familiar with the cold storage industry, have a large number of renovation company resources, and be familiar with the cold storage renovation process and rental prices. At the same time, understand the cold chain customer base. 5. Good communication and coordination skills, able to work with internal planning and operation teams to solve problems together.
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