Hema - User Scale Growth Operation - Headquarters

5-7 years
8 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Be responsible for the growth of user scale and the customer acquisition efficiency of related operating positions, such as end-to-end acceptance, growth tools, etc. The core focus is on the reachable user size and acceptance efficiency of each operating position, and focus on the contribution of attracting new customers and recalling customers 2 , Responsible for formulating user rights strategies and strategies, and defining link scenarios and tools required for user movement based on user stratification and scenario mining to achieve higher user penetration and scale growth 3. Analyze user needs and monitor user behavior , pay attention to key user indicators, guide user behavior, improve user conversion and quality by formulating different operating strategies and means, operating activities and product iterations, and promote the implementation and optimization of user strategies in branches across the country

Job Requirements

1. Applicants with more than 5 years of user operation experience, experience in scale growth are preferred, have complete 0-1 project experience in the business under their jurisdiction, and are good at using MVP to verify hypotheses 2. Applicants with consumer goods/retail experience are preferred, and have experience in commodities Have certain insight and understanding, focus on product penetration, analyze user needs through products and formulate optimized business strategies 3. Strong data analysis capabilities, optimize core conversion funnels based on user stratification and scenarios, and be good at insight, abstraction, and attribution





conversion funnels
scale growth
user operation
user stratification
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