Hema-User Operations Specialist-Kunming

5-7 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

Professional cognition: 1. Explore and understand user consumption habits, consumption characteristics, beliefs, values, potential needs and lifestyles to discover user value and potential Business value 2. Master data operation capabilities, be able to use data-driven processing related tools and data analysis thinking and methods, and effectively apply them to discover, analyze and solve business problems 3. Be able to use data analysis results to interpret user pulls in a hierarchical and classified manner. New, retention & repurchase, recall, paid membership, etc., and be able to find out the key points of the problem to improve user operation efficiency 4. Be able to provide effective solution paths based on data analysis, and implement them independently to obtain results, and complete the review Project management: 1. Have a strong sense of goal, use methods, and strive to achieve the goal 2. Arrange time points according to the project task work plan to advance the work, execute without compromise, and obtain results 3. Be able to analyze the business horizontally according to the business plan Understand the structure and resource distribution, coordinate resources across departments, reach consensus, and collaborate to complete results

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, no major limit 2. Familiar with user/member operations Process and methodology, and can use data to analyze problems 3. Have experience in pushing and pulling new products online and successfully operating offline communities/groups/forums, and have successfully organized offline activities 4. Have sensitivity to users and understanding of human psychology Have curiosity in learning 5. Strong resistance to pressure, strong execution, strong communication and strong sense of responsibility 6. Have more than 5 years of work experience



offline activities
user/member operations
data-driven processing
Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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