Hema-User Operation TL-Zhengzhou

0-2 years
14 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the overall management of Hema local users Life cycle operations, including new user conversion, old user activity, etc. 2. Cooperate with the store marketing team to maintain the community group, regularly organize offline activities for members, and maintain the online and offline activity of group users. 3. Push and pull new work during the opening of new stores.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, no major limit. 2. Be familiar with the process and methodology of user/member operations, and be able to use data to analyze problems. 3. Have experience in pushing and pulling new products online, successful operation of offline communities/groups/forums, and have successfully organized offline activities. 4. Be sensitive to users and curious about human psychology. 5. Strong resistance to pressure, strong execution, strong communication and strong sense of responsibility.



offline activities
user/member operations
offline communities/groups/forums
human psychology
Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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