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Hema-Transportation TL-National

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job description

Be fully responsible for regional transportation management, assist the regional transportation TL in managing regional transportation carriers, be responsible for transportation indicators, cost optimization and customer experience, and ensure the implementation of various transportation plans and key tasks. Job Responsibilities 1. Responsible for the daily management, performance appraisal, team building and talent echelon training of various operating teams under the regional transportation team, as well as the improvement of team capabilities 2. Establish and implement regional grassroots training plans to ensure the timely implementation of various business processes and operating guidance requirements of the headquarters 3. Responsible for the analysis and monitoring of various transportation costs in the region, ensuring the timeliness and quality of transportation services, and promptly coordinating and solving various abnormal problems in the region and the regional interactive transportation process, and responsible for the KPI results of transportation management in the region 4. Manage and evaluate the carriers in the responsible area, promote the improvement of the carriers service quality, and maintain a good cooperative relationship 5. Business support for new warehouses. According to the company's development strategy, provide business support for new warehouses in the management area, including working with procurement to find carriers that can meet business requirements, forming a team, implementing processes, systems and other aspects of training to ensure the smooth development of new warehouse business.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, more than 5 years of transportation work experience, managed actual transportation business, and have successful experience in handling transportation business problems accept national transfers. 2. Be familiar with the cost structure of transportation business, and be able to continuously optimize transportation costs through management and technical means 3. Have more than 2 years of team management experience, and be able to lead the team to complete various tasks 4. Priority will be given to those with room temperature and cold chain transportation experience 5. Have excellent self-control and stress resistance, communication skills, data sensitivity, and strong data analysis capabilities.
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