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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the tax management information module Set up and operate, control compliance risks and invoice management, and improve team efficiency 2. Responsible for all regions across the country, respond to inspections, audits, daily Q&A by tax authorities, and output standardized processes and risk control points 3. Provide project support to business teams , identify risks and planning points, and output project tax memoranda 4. According to specific business projects, be responsible for leading the construction, design and implementation of the financial and taxation legal structure 5. Based on the company's overall business planning and development, conduct short- and medium-term tax planning, long-term tax planning and group planning Establishment of equity structure 6. Manage the work progress of the tax team and conduct personnel echelon training 7. Based on industry practice and company strategy, design and promote the overall tax compliance management, business empowerment, and tax asset optimization model

Job Requirements

1. Have tax team management experience or tax management experience at the group headquarters 2. Have strong communication skills, good systematic and logical thinking skills, and multi-project management and coordination capabilities 3. Have practical experience in independently responsible for tax project management, Priority will be given to those who have tax work experience in the retail industry or chain operation industry 4. Those who have a certified public accountant or tax accountant qualification certificate 5. Those who have experience in transfer pricing and overseas tax compliance management will be preferred




multi-project management
certified public accountant
overseas tax compliance management
systematic thinking
tax management
tax accountant
tax project management
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