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Hema - Supply Chain Planning - Shanghai

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job description

1: Supply chain planning management: Disassemble the stocking plan of each category according to the GMV target of regional O2O stores, monitor the rhythm of purchase orders arriving at the warehouse the rhythm of distribution to the store monitor the capacity risk of large warehouses and the risk of inbound and outbound capacity. Provide the inbound and outbound plan to the large warehouse in advance to ensure the accuracy of the plan is 90%, and coordinate the logistics warehouse to reduce costs. 2: Supply chain TB distribution management: store inventory distribution to store management, control out-of-stock and loss rate. 3: Operation and procurement coordination: store warehouse capacity monitoring coordinated procurement to carry out schedule selection plan and stocking plan coordinated operation of store warehouse to digest high inventory group purchase support 4: New store opening support: new store distribution plan and product distribution to store support and monitoring. Ensure smooth opening without shortage of goods. 5: Supply chain resource coordination: coordinate the opening and expansion of sales peaks as well as temporary rental and forward warehouse operation management. Supervise and control the purchase, sales and inventory of goods, keep abreast of the inventory status, do a good job of data monitoring, and reasonably allocate warehouse resources 6: Supply chain warehouse and distribution resource coordination: formulate operation plans according to business plans, optimize warehouse layout planning, improve warehouse storage area and space utilization, and increase the storage density of goods 7: Supply chain optimization, help warehouses reduce costs and increase efficiency, overall process optimization, system product optimization, link optimization, warehouse network layout planning, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Have more than five years of experience in supply chain planning 2. Have a strong sense of responsibility for work and be able to withstand greater work pressure 3. Have keen insight, analytical judgment and risk control capabilities 4. Have good communication and coordination skills and team cooperation awareness 5. Be proficient in using various office software
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