Hema - Supply Chain Planning Expert - Supply Side

3-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Familiar with S&OP business processes, undertake upstream omni-channel demand planning, and integrate with merchants The supply level is converted into a supply plan, and the production, supply and marketing are coordinated with the merchants, and the merchants are fully responsible for the supply. 2. Do a good job of dynamic demand operation with the upstream, combine the demand and supply changes in the stage, communicate the demand changes forward, and operate the supply strategy backward. Ensure the efficient preparation of merchants production and inventory 3. For merchant supply, formulate business rules on the production side and inventory side to promote the steady improvement of supply levels, reflected in fulfillment timeliness, satisfaction rate and cost, and ensure that inventory is controlled at a reasonable level 4. Merchant supply Collaboration and capacity building, including merchants production capacity planning, inventory planning, production rules, etc., constantly sorting out merchant capabilities and completing the digitalization of supply capabilities

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of relevant work experience, familiar with the factory production end The planning process can better operate the demand and supply gap to ensure stable supply. 2. Familiar with ERP and MRP, and can quickly build product capabilities for production planning. 3. Have strong data analysis capabilities, and analyze the data of each supply chain link. Sensitive 4, strong sense of goal and need to have certain ability to withstand stress


Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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