Hema - Supply Chain Optimization Expert - Headquarters

3-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Based on the company's strategy and business development, be responsible for the design and execution of the supply chain, and the design conforms to the business characteristics supply chain network 2. Responsible for the optimization and improvement of the supply chain system and processes, exploring business opportunities around improving efficiency and reducing costs, connecting the entire link from the supplier to the client, promoting the optimization of each link in the supply chain, and improving the supply chain Efficiency 3. Responsible for promoting the digitalization of the company's supply chain, collaborating with the production and research departments to realize the systematization, automation, and intelligence of the supply chain, and providing effective tool support for business development and optimization 4. Responsible for linking relevant departments upstream and downstream of the supply chain to promote the supply chain Implementation and execution of relevant projects

Job Requirements

1. 3 years or more of supply chain management experience in the multinational retail FMCG industry or supply chain consulting management experience in the retail industry of a consulting company 2. Have strong business flow Integrate strategic design capabilities with logistics, and be able to output professional supply chain solutions and solutions from the perspective of promoting operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency 3. Have a deep understanding of industry methodology, industry benchmarks and development paths, success factors and core capabilities, and have good cost Control and cost management capabilities 4. Solid data analysis and processing capabilities 5. Possess a spirit of exploration, strong adaptability, communication and coordination skills, and project management capabilities, and can quickly understand and integrate into the business, and be able to abstract business logic and formulate strategies Plan, good at promoting change

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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