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Hema - Supply Chain Algorithm Engineer (Machine Learning + Operations Research) - Shanghai/Hangzhou

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Job Description

job description

1. Hema demand forecasting, including store merchandise sales volume, order volume forecasting, category GMV forecasting, etc., using cutting-edge deep time series models, spatiotemporal graph network models, large models and other methods to improve forecasting accuracy and create a unified forecasting platform to support various company businesses. 2. Intelligent replenishment system, based on demand forecasting, combined with operations optimization models, design the optimal ordering strategy, control losses and out-of-stocks, and create a first-class intelligent replenishment system in the industry. 3. Intelligent pricing system, analyzes commodity price elasticity, supports GMV maximization, gross profit maximization, inventory clearance and other pricing strategies. 4. Intelligent marketing system, automatically generates marketing activities according to the sales goals of the business, including price adjustment, promotional activities (full items, exchange, buy-one-get-one-free, etc.), coupons (designated groups), interactive gameplay (group buying, forwarding, etc.).

Job Requirements

1. This position emphasizes the comprehensive use of various algorithms to generate business value. The required skills mainly include machine learning/deep learning and operations optimization. Candidates must be proficient in at least one of the two directions. 2. Machine learning requires in-depth understanding and experience in using deep time series models such as transformer, deepar, TFT, etc., and application experience in graph neural networks is preferred. 3. Operational optimization has in-depth research and practical application experience in at least one of the following fields: storage theory, nonlinear programming, multi-objective optimization, mixed integer programming and meta-heuristic algorithms. 3. Proficient in at least one of Java or Python, familiar with PyTorch, and have experience in distributed development such as Hadoop and Spark 4. Solid mathematical foundation, rigorous logical thinking, flexible thinking, and the ability to flexibly apply classic algorithms when encountering new problems 5. Have a strong desire for knowledge, be passionate about related technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, and have a sense of teamwork.
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