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Hema-Store Warehouse Operation Expert-Headquarters

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the fulfillment and operation management of Hema store warehouses, and responsible for the efficiency and results of Hema store warehouse operations such as harvesting, shelving, picking, and packaging. 2. Promote the regional fulfillment operation team, through the implementation of 6S management standards, front-end and back-end inventory planning, warehouse location planning and implementation, picking route design, operation link optimization and other methods, to ensure that the national store warehouse operation time efficiency assessment is achieved, get results, and provide customers with a perfect customer experience 3. As the backup force of the headquarters senior operation management, horizontally coordinate various functional departments to ensure the efficiency and smoothness of the overall operation, and through continuous thinking and iteration, break through the bottleneck of the link, improve the fulfillment acceptance capacity, and support regional business development 4. Be able to stand from the perspective of the entire new retail industry, think about the direction of business development, and be able to respond to business in a timely manner according to changes in the market environment and competitive environment to ensure that the risks of various indicators of fulfillment results are controllable

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, logistics or management related majors are preferred 2. Experience in managing B2C/B2B model warehouse and distribution centers, familiar with the logistics operation process of the e-commerce model, and experience in fresh food operations and O2O logistics operations are preferred 3. Have strong team management and communication and coordination skills, as well as strong execution and promotion capabilities 4. Strong sense of responsibility, focus on details, and have the courage to continuously improve and seek better solutions
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