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Hema-Store Warehouse Manager-Nanjing

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Job Description

job description

Hema, a new force in the new retail format, relies on technology to reconstruct the catering and retail industry chain. Since its inception, Hema's mission has been to allow consumers to enjoy a high-quality life of buying fresh. Hema, with the highest frequency category of food and food-related products, explores a new e-commerce road based on local, deeply cultivating supply chain and logistics distribution, integrating online and offline, focusing on the minds of members, so that every Hema member can eat well, eat conveniently, and eat happily. Hema has created a popular independent APP, a catering R&D center led by industry chefs, a central kitchen of international standards, a buyer-based procurement team, a self-built + crowdsourced logistics distribution system and offline experience stores, thus forming the two core competitiveness of the ultimate delivery 29 and a half minutes and the product fresh every moment. Now Hema has formed an excellent reputation and Internet celebrity effect among consumers, and has emerged as a dark horse! Welcome to join Hema as soon as possible if you have a dream! Hema official website: 1. Responsible for warehouse site operation management, including the receipt, picking, packaging, distribution, inventory, return and other operations of fresh non-standard products and standard products 2. Formulate various processes and standards for warehouse management and distribution management, and supervise their implementation 3. Establish a store quality control system, improve data reports, conduct monthly and annual evaluations and cause analysis of KPIs of each group in the warehouse, and find solutions to improve service quality 4. Contact relevant departments in all aspects of logistics, track and handle various abnormal operation conditions, and propose improvement plans 5. Responsible for the recruitment and performance evaluation of logistics department employees, ensure the reasonable allocation of full-time and part-time employees, and keep employees in a stable and efficient working state. 6. Responsible for the logistics preparation, personnel recruitment and other preparatory work for the newly opened stores 7. Cooperate with the headquarters to complete the execution of new projects and process optimization.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, major in logistics or management is preferred more than 5 years of logistics work experience, more than 3 years of team building and management experience 2. Experience in B2C warehouse and distribution center management, familiar with the sorting center under the e-commerce model, logistics distribution operation process, and experience in fresh food operations is preferred 3. Strong team management and communication and coordination skills, as well as strong execution and promotion capabilities 4. Strong sense of responsibility, focus on details, and the courage to continuously improve and seek better solutions 5. Familiar with the use of various computer office software.
Last Updated: 02-07-2024 09:03:48 PM
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