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Hema - Store Warehouse Finance BP - Headquarters

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job description

1. Have relevant experience in financial BP. Under the premise of ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of recorded data, have an in-depth understanding of the business, work closely with business partners, identify business opportunities and process bottlenecks, provide effective financial advice and support business decision-making and process management, and track and improve implementation 2. Assist the business side in the preparation of the full-year budget, complete the preparation of monthly financial management reports and rolling forecasts, fully reveal process risks, and effectively promote the refined cost management of the business, and promote the effective implementation of various cost reduction strategies 3. Sort out the financial-related processes involved in supporting the business and build a closed-loop management implementation mechanism 4. Benchmark the industry, combine the industry's advanced experience, help the business find gaps and formulate improvement plans, enrich the business perspective, and continuously optimize the operation chain and fulfillment costs

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of relevant work experience, a bachelor's degree or above in finance-related majors, and experience in forward warehouse cost control and logistics cost control is preferred 2. Understand the current development of the industry, especially the new retail industry, have a full understanding of the industry's professional fields and have your own unique insights and judgments 3. Logical thinking, strong data analysis and learning ability, good at sorting and summarizing strong digital sensitivity, able to find problems and propose solutions 4. Proficient in using Excel and PPT to make charts and establish analysis models 5. Have good organization, communication and collaboration skills. Can actively promote the smooth implementation of the project in charge, be serious and responsible, and pay attention to details 6. Optimistic and tough, honest and trustworthy, strong self-driving, have strong resistance to pressure, dare to embrace change, and have clear goals for personal future development.
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