Hema-Store Manager-Shanghai/ Zhejiang/Beijing/Jiangsu

1-2 years
8 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Promotion Implement the company's systems, norms, and standards in stores to ensure the effective implementation of store operation system specifications implement the company's policies and establish reliable and effective daily store operations. Risks such as fire protection, food safety, and accidents are included in preventive management. 2. Understand the business district, competitors and users, and accordingly have a clear understanding of store categories and product management directions. Through category/commodity management, new attractions, marketing, store layout, product ordering, display, service sales, and reasonable Conduct inventory control and loss control to achieve sales performance and gross profit targets 3. Lead and control known and unknown losses in the store, control and improve the store's human efficiency, control and optimize store-related expenses (materials, water, electricity, coal and other operating expenses), Achieve EBITDA target. 4. Responsible for opening up and optimizing store links, improving efficiency and reducing costs, and optimizing the implementation of new projects in the headquarters and regions. 5. Responsible for the implementation of high standards for store operation standards (safety, display, hygiene, inventory, experience), etc. 6. Establish and maintain external relationships with the government (food and drug administration, fire protection, urban management, police stations, etc.) and property management to create harmonious and collaborative partners. 7. Team management: Guide and cultivate subordinates work abilities, build high-performance teams, and form a laddered talent growth model. Cooperate with HR to implement employee care.

Job Requirements

1. Educational background and age: college degree or above 2. Professional experience: Possess the thinking mode of traditional large-scale retail operations, and have served in management positions above the level of fresh food deputy store manager in traditional physical retail stores for more than 2 years More than 1 year of fresh food department management experience, with professional fresh food management ideas, focusing on customer value and customer experience. Localization experience: local life experience, understanding the taste of local people's livelihood, otherwise it will take time and strong learning ability 3. Upward potential: all management areas are moving up, not standing still higher stability 4. Honesty, integrity, good conduct, and responsibility Strong-minded, willing to endure hardships, passionate and capable of execution.




loss control
store links
store operation system specifications
store operation standards
category/commodity management
employee care
fresh food management
Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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