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Job Description

job description

Hema, the new force in the new retail format , an e-commerce company that relies on technology to reconstruct the catering and retail industry chain. Since its inception, Hema's mission has been to allow consumers to enjoy a high-quality life fresh every moment. Hema, taking the high-frequency category of eating and eating accessories as an entry point, explores a new e-commerce path that is based on the local area, deeply cultivates the supply chain and logistics distribution, integrates online and offline, and focuses on the minds of members. Hema has now built an independent APP, a catering R&D center led by industry famous chefs, an international standard central kitchen, a handmade procurement team, a self-built + crowdsourcing logistics and distribution system, and offline experience stores, thus forming the ultimate With the two core competencies of 30-minute delivery and freshness every moment of products, Hema has now formed an excellent reputation and brand effect among consumers across the country. 1. According to the actual needs of the store, horizontally connect store-related recruitment, salary, training and other HR modules 2. Assist in establishing HR-related service processes to ensure the compliance of human resources management 3. Develop various recruitment Channels to complete the recruitment of personnel, especially the timely arrival of mid-level and senior talents and key positions 4. Establish a training system and employee career development system according to business needs 5. Establish an employee performance development mechanism and reward mechanism 6. Promote The implementation of company culture can effectively handle various employee relationships and continuously improve employee stability and organizational efficiency 7. Supervise the personnel efficiency and team improvement of the outsourcing team to support the rapid development of the business

Job Requirements

1. Applicants with a bachelor's degree and extensive experience in front-line HR operations are preferred 2. More than 5 years of experience in retail, chain restaurants, large-scale logistics industries, etc. 3. Strong sense of work responsibility and able to withstand greater work pressure 4. Have keen insight, analytical judgment and risk control capabilities 5. Have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness 6. Be proficient in using various office software 7. Be familiar with various national labor and personnel regulations and policies.




labor and personnel regulations
office software
employee relationship
employee performance
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