Hema-Senior Service Experience Specialist (Reverse )-Shanghai

3-5 years
5 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for Hema Consumer-side experience management and operations, based on the user's perspective, analyze the user's pain points in Hema Logistics full-link experience, gain insight into user needs, build a productized user experience model, and promote experience optimization 2. Adhere to user-centered design In principle, explore the balance point between business value and user experience, combine business development needs, and conduct interactive design, process advancement, detail optimization, results acquisition, data tracking and continuous optimization of user experience links from the source to pursue the ultimate user experience 3. Able to analyze business, competitive products, and user demand trends to output forward-looking optimization links and enhance the core competitiveness of experience 4. Responsible for evaluating operation management and other horizontal project management work, accumulating industry experience operation plans and capabilities, and through cross-department Cooperate with industry procurement, quality control, etc. to optimize and improve, to ensure the certainty of the quality of Hema products, continue to innovate, establish a data-based operation system, and obtain business results.

Job Requirements

1. Have more than 3 years of experience in e-commerce industry experience operation and management or user experience operation and management, have a clear understanding of service and business experience management fields, and possess customer experience in retail formats Systematic thinking and business design capabilities, with new retail e-commerce experience operation experience preferred 2. Business analysis capabilities, able to propose experience assistance based on data such as user voice, behavior, and differences in competing products, combined with personal experience and business sensitivity , commercial value-added solutions to enhance experience competitiveness 3. Have strong data analysis capabilities and writing skills, be able to skillfully use various office software, and use SQL language to extract and analyze experience clues in the business process, and Form a business analysis report with clear conclusions based on analysis 4. Have strong communication, collaboration and project management capabilities, and be able to promote the implementation of experience problem solving across teams and obtain results.

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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