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Hema-Senior Risk Strategy Specialist-Shanghai

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Job Description

job description

1. Gain in-depth understanding of the company's business and quickly understand the business status and development trends fully understand security capabilities, and participate in the construction and innovation of the company's risk governance system 2. By perceiving and analyzing various online and offline business security risk types involved in the company's business flow (such as product compliance, consumer malicious behavior, marketing fraud, scalpers, etc.), timely and effectively assess the degree of business risk, formulate corresponding risk solutions, and deploy corresponding strategies (models/rules/processes/mechanisms, etc.) 3. Through indicator monitoring and data analysis, timely grasp business and risk changes, continuously optimize and adjust policies, rules or models according to actual conditions, and be responsible for the governance effect of the responsible risk types 4. Collaborate with business parties and other risk governance-related teams to jointly resolve business risks and enable healthy business development.

Job Requirements

1. 3-5 years of work experience, with experience in e-commerce risk control, data analysis or data mining is preferred 2. Proficient in data analysis skills, familiar with SQL, Python or SAS and other analytical languages/tools, mathematics, statistics, computer science and other majors are preferred 3. Good communication skills, able to communicate with non-professionals about risk control operations, promote project progress and get expected results 4. Quick business understanding ability, with keen risk insight
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