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Hema - Senior Internal Control Specialist - Headquarters

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Job Description

job description

1. Participate in the establishment of Hema's risk management and control system and the standardization and continuous optimization of business processes, with a particular focus on business management 2. Assist the business team in risk identification and response, and provide professional opinions and suggestions for effectively reducing and preventing business risks 3. Based on the understanding of the business and risk judgment, continuously optimize the business data risk monitoring system, explore the characteristics of employee fraud behavior through data analysis, and drive the optimization and upgrading of the anti-corruption model 4. According to management needs, perform audit or optimization projects, effectively communicate audit findings with relevant departments, and promote rectification to bring positive changes to the business 5. Promote risk awareness and compliance culture in daily docking and communication with business departments.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above 2. More than 7 years of work experience at the headquarters of large enterprise groups, internal control, internal audit, audit, commodity procurement of retail supermarkets or self-operated e-commerce, or combined experience is preferred 3. Have an in-depth understanding of retail supermarkets and self-operated e-commerce business, have a keen insight into business risks, and be able to propose risk response plans, and have in-depth insights into the characteristics of employee fraud behavior 4. Have good data extraction, analysis and mining capabilities, and be able to locate business abnormalities based on data analysis 5. Cheerful personality, strong teamwork ability, strong tolerance, willingness to share, performance-oriented and achievement-driven, and good communication skills.
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