Hema - Robot Intelligent Construction Operation (Call Center) - Shanghai

3-5 years
15 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Carry out daily customer service intelligent robot training work (including text robots and AI robots), and be responsible for the robot service resolution rate 2. Pay attention to and analyze robot indicators, combine with business processes, optimize and adjust the robot's speech configuration and Process logic, complete configuration, maintenance and operation work, and improve various indicators and achievements 3. Promote robot intelligence projects, assist business development, analyze user needs, improve user experience, and optimize business processes and product functions to discover in a timely manner And refine problem characteristics, and be able to produce project and product optimization suggestions, complete demand communication and promotion with the production and research team 4. Responsible for establishing daily operation specifications, tools, processes, training, reports and other systems for intelligent business 5. Responsible for the maintenance of customer service's existing knowledge content library, analyzing business development needs, continuing to improve the business knowledge library framework, and sorting out business processes.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of experience as an intelligent customer service product manager, intelligent operation or demand analyst, and the ability to communicate with industry research and algorithms 2. Have experience in building or maintaining customer service automation Experience in the entire service process, a deep understanding of service products and artificial intelligence, solid experience in intelligent customer service operations, the ability to deeply analyze and refine customer needs and pain points, and apply AI to solve problems 3. Proficient in AxureRP, Xmind, Office and other tool software, and have proficiency in prototyping and requirement document writing 4. Have good business awareness and logical thinking skills, cross-department communication and problem-solving abilities 5. Good at teamwork, understanding and adapting to changes, and able to handle multiple tasks Task-based work is based on results and actions, and you are honest and don't have a glassy heart



Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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