Hema-Regional Inventory Control Specialist-Changsha

0-2 years
8 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for executing daily ordering tasks and completing the responsible categories every day Analyze the causes of key indicators such as out-of-stock, pipe damage, turnover, and full inventory rate and provide solutions 2. Summarize the previous day's purchase, sales, shortages, and losses, and use system functions to intervene and adjust forecasts based on judgment of trends to ensure orders Reduce out-of-stock and wastage while increasing the adoption rate 3. Collection and sorting of activity information and manual intervention in orders: including but not limited to marketing collaboration activities and business plans 4. Collaborative procurement, manual intervention in new products and new store orders 5. Answering questions and answers about abnormal store ordering Confusion 6. Track supplier performance and proactively provide feedback, and ensure accurate ordering by adjusting system-related ordering parameters in a timely manner.

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with Hema ordering system and basic store operations will be given priority 2. Basic data processing ability, EXCEL, SQL 3. Good communication skills, strong logical thinking ability, and data analysis ability. Strong structural thinking, good at analyzing point-like phenomena and discovering essential problems 4. Ability to perform multi-department collaboration tasks 5. Strong sense of responsibility, high psychological quality with high stress resistance and the ability to adapt to changing work environments, and strong execution ability




stress resistance
Hema ordering system
psychological quality
multi-department collaboration
execution ability
structural thinking
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