Hema Outlet-Operation Training Expert- Beijing

5-7 years
14 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Fully responsible for Hema skills The talent training center's training system construction, teacher formation, operation management, curriculum development, assessment and rating, closed-loop mechanism 2. Based on Hema's short-term and long-term strategic development goals, formulate corresponding phased teaching goals, and output in line with Hema's rating standards and Technical talents with strategic development goals 3. Comprehensively improve the teaching quality and the overall ability and level of the college, including teacher teaching and training capabilities, improve the training effect of all courses, and improve innovation and development capabilities 4. Coordinate the overall development plan of Hema Skilled Talent Training Center, Precipitate and replicate the feasibility academy model from the region to the country to implement and effectively implement feasibility plans that are in line with the company's strategy.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, experience in large-scale Internet, corporate training system, technical college system management is preferred, more than 5 years of working experience as dean or training director of a corporate university/technical school/business school 2. Be able to lead the team to build the overall training system of the college and sort out the overall process of all aspects of work 3. Willing to be committed to the construction of new retail organizational capabilities under the Internet form, and be able to continue to conduct cutting-edge learning, continue to practice advanced ideas, and accumulate systematic methods 4. Have strong systematic thinking, logical analysis skills, project management skills and work motivation high interpersonal sensitivity, good at integrating resources, good sense of teamwork, excellent expression and speech skills, and good written expression skills 5. Resistant to stress, strong-skinned, confident, and optimistic.



teacher teaching
teaching quality
teacher formation
training capabilities
closed-loop mechanism
development capabilities
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