Hema-Operation Assistant Store-Suzhou/Wuxi/Changzhou/Nantong

3-5 years
5 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for managing and guiding the daily work of the store's merchandise department, processing department, and marketing department 2. Control product ordering, display, and store layout, conduct reasonable inventory control, control losses, and promote sales performance and gross profit 3. Promote the promotion of raw and cooked linkage projects and ensure smooth product links 4. Responsible for the achievement of various customer service and user experience indicators in the store, be able to complete various customer service-related training tasks in an orderly manner, and be responsible for major customer complaints in the store Follow up and handle 5. Promote the implementation of various systems, norms and standards for the company's commercial business in stores to ensure the effective implementation of store operation system specifications 6. Actively explore and develop key customers in the region and tap customer needs , carry out targeted business promotion, improve store membership stickiness and membership penetration in the region 7. Guide and cultivate subordinates work abilities, build high-performance teams, and form a laddered talent growth model.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience 2. Have a mindset of online and offline operations, and have served in a management position above the deputy store manager level of a traditional physical retail store for more than 2 years 3 , be able to complete the formulation and implementation of store department preparation plans, and be able to conduct quantitative module management of stores 4. Have a deep understanding of product knowledge and have the ability to promote business development 5. Have certain financial knowledge and analytical report capabilities good goals Management and planning control capabilities good logical analysis and judgment skills 6. Honesty, integrity, good conduct, strong sense of responsibility, willing to endure hardship, passionate and strong execution ability. 7. It would be better if there are changes in the southern Jiangsu area




talent growth
financial knowledge
logical analysis
planning control
judgment skills
goals management
analytical report
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