Hema Neighborhood - Store Operation Management Expert - Shanghai

10-12 years
9 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. On-site operation management of partner stores: store contract fulfillment, in-store sanitation, equipment safety 2. Implementation and inspection of business operation standards 3. Focus on partner management: assessment, reward and punishment guidance /Management/Rectification/Closed Loop implement partner survival of the fittest management and closed loop 4. Focus on partner business management: performance improvement, community management, attracting new customers 5. Focus on full-link operations before, during and after the opening of new stores 6. Responsible for stores Statistical analysis of various data in the business chain, summary analysis of key modules, etc., guide and supervise the operation and implementation of stores, regularly diagnose store operating conditions and give rectification suggestions 7. Management and empowerment of regional supervisory teams

Job Requirements

1. More than 10 years of experience in community e-commerce operation management and national retail store management, focusing on familiarity with various categories and seasonal needs 2. Possessing business management ideas and cost operation awareness 3. Possessing the ability to build an organization and Ability to build systems and be able to formulate and implement processes for each link. 4. Familiar with the retail franchise industry, operations in communities/convenience stores/etc.




retail franchise industry
cost operation awareness
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