Hema NB-Senior Specialist for Development Site Selection-Shanghai/Zhejiang/Jiangsu

5-7 years
5 days ago
Job Description

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1. Understand the company's development strategy, be responsible for researching the business district in the area under your jurisdiction, develop new areas with business potential, and implement the company's expansion plan and annual goals 2. Strictly abide by site selection standards, And through practice, it helps decision-makers to continuously optimize site selection standards 3. Coordinate the early stage sourcing judgment, contract negotiation and signing of store locations, and promote the entire process of project entry and construction. Regularly review the actual business conditions of signed stores, and work with Party A to optimize the store's operating capabilities 4. Inspect and evaluate the responsible regional outlets, complete research reports and system processes, implement precise requirements for data-based location selection, and be able to select through financial calculations Better projects 5. Have certain cooperation resources and experience, such as regional real estate developers, community shopping centers, etc. 6. Continue to do a good job in leasing management of the opened stores during the operation period, including renovation cooperation, rent reduction and fee reduction, closing Store lease renewal, major dispute resolution, etc. 7. Establish a good interactive relationship with owners and be able to quickly resolve owner cooperation issues raised by various stores.

Job Requirements

1. Be able to fully understand the legal risks in the leasing process 2. Have digital thinking, be able to read financial statements and understand the logic of financial calculations 3. Be friendly, proactive, good at communication, and adaptable Strong 4. More than 5 years of experience in site selection and development, catering experience is a plus

Job Source: hire.freshippo.com

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