Hema NB-Senior Cost Management Analyst -Shanghai

20-22 years
5 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Understand FMCG, The full link of purchase price & cost management in retail, catering, and processing and production industries, able to identify and discover the rationality and problems of costs & prices, and make timely suggestions for improvement 2. Have systematic cost management methods and operations Management can combine operating data and financial data to structurally dismantle the price & cost of goods, establish a complete data analysis model, and provide effective support for key decisions 3. Have horizontal project management capabilities and be able to coordinate the resources of all parties , and promote procurement to complete cost optimization, and be responsible for the project's time progress and optimization results 4. Have data sensitivity and the ability to think and summarize, and continuously iteratively optimize various cost management methods

Job Requirements

1. 5 More than 20 years of experience in cost management, cost management experience in the processing and production industry is preferred, the Big Four accounting firms, FMCG and retail industries are preferred 2. Logical thinking, strong data analysis and learning ability, good at sorting and summarizing numerical sensitivity Strong, able to identify problems and propose solutions 3. Proficient in using Excel and other tools to create charts and establish analysis models 4. Have good organizational, communication and collaboration skills. Able to proactively promote the smooth implementation of the projects in charge, be serious and responsible, and pay attention to details. 5. Be optimistic, honest, self-motivated, able to withstand stress, dare to embrace changes, and have clear goals for personal future development.

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