Hema-Meat, Poultry and Egg Procurement (Pork)-Headquarters

6-8 years
19 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Based on consumer insights and consumption decision tree , look for category opportunities, output category strategies, and perform category management 2. Supplier resource development and management: Collect and analyze supplier information and procurement market trends, implement supplier development and supplier process control management, and formulate effective procurement plans strategy to establish a stable supply channel 3. Price and gross profit management: complete product pricing based on various information inputs, and continuously optimize the gross profit structure 4. Initiate, participate in, promote, and implement business plans together with online and offline operations 5. Establish and optimize the procurement process and supervise its effective operation: organize, formulate and improve various management systems for procurement management, warehouse management, and warehouse management to reduce procurement costs and procurement cycles be responsible for performance results 6. Manage and coach procurement assistants and be responsible Team building, selection, staffing, training, and guiding subordinate employees to formulate phased work plans, and supervise the implementation of

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, with 6 or more years of relevant category procurement experience 2. For Have a deep understanding of fresh food classification, practical procurement and marketing experience, and the ability to control the market 3. Have a clear understanding of the procurement business process and system, and have a strong ability to predict trends in the retail, supermarket and e-commerce industries, while also Candidates with online and offline business experience are preferred 4. Good at supplier search and development experience, able to independently and effectively manage suppliers 5. Buyer-type procurement, good at creating high-quality products 6. Have strong analytical judgment and foresight Thinking, pressure-bearing ability and teamwork awareness, and experience in purchasing team management 7. Smart, solid, optimistic, introspective




Pressure-bearing Ability
Purchasing Team Management
E-commerce Industry
Procurement Process Optimization
Supplier Process Control Management
Supplier Resource Development
Analytical Judgment
Supermarket Industry
Gross Profit Management
High-quality Products
Supplier Search
Foresight Thinking
Teamwork Awareness
Fresh Food Classification
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