Hema - Market Supervision Line Expert - Shanghai (Responsible for Wuhan Nanchang Changsha area)

5-7 years
5 days ago
Job Description

job description

1 . Research and learn the company's latest business models and business hot spots, and be responsible for establishing long-term positive connections with regional market supervision (food, drug supervision, consumer protection, Internet supervision) and other departments through business co-creation, capability export, etc. 2. Establish good communication channels with industry associations and key customers 3. Keep abreast of retail industry trends and have the ability to implement research and judgment directions or specific regulatory suggestions based on the company's business output 4. Warn reverse cases in advance, and be responsible for avoiding escalation of reverse cases and Responsible for case-related resources responsible for providing long-term and sustainable solutions for similar cases 5. Reviewing and risk management of past cases, serving the company's new business development, and ensuring risk compliance for major business implementation 6. Integrating and coordinating the group Internal and external resources to enhance the company's awareness and reputation in the industry.

Job Requirements

1. More than 5 years of working experience in administrative supervision 2. Strong business understanding, product understanding, independent thinking and collaboration and communication skills 3. Solid writing skills, able to write Various reports, official documents and comprehensive written materials 4. Bachelor degree or above, with basic legal knowledge 5. Flexible thinking, strong resistance to pressure, and adaptable to business travel.



administrative supervision
official documents
resistance to pressure
flexible thinking
comprehensive written materials
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