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Hema-Logistics Loss Prevention Specialist-Shenzhen

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for regional logistics safety and loss prevention work, ensuring safe logistics operations and company asset safety. 2. Complete the execution of various daily safety and loss prevention work according to the department's work list. 3. According to the requirements of the headquarters and regions, complete various safety and loss prevention special audits, and follow up on the subsequent rectification and implementation. 4. Responsible for handling government inspections on safety and loss prevention, and on-site handling of various crisis events and follow-up rectification work. 5. Responsible for accepting instructions or actively conducting investigations on violations within the scope of authority in the region. 6. Undertake other investigation and auditing needs on the operation side.

Job Requirements

1. More than three years of work experience in safety and loss prevention in retail and logistics companies 2. Understand the relevant safety regulations and safety management processes for logistics and warehousing 3. Have certain internal investigation capabilities and experience
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