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Hema - License Specialist - Nanjing

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the closed-loop management of the company's various types of licenses, such as new issuance, extension, change, annual inspection and cancellation of licenses 2. Familiar with the relevant application procedures for licenses and certificates of government departments at all levels, and coordinate external matters related to the application of licenses and certificates 3. Public relations and maintenance of regional governments and license-related institutions 4. Responsible for coordinating regional liaisons with industry associations and other social organizations, and cooperating in the completion of the company's government-approved projects. Daily docking, material writing and application and other work. 5. Responsible for daily reception and visit work of government agencies.

Job Requirements

1. Have 3 years or more of experience in license and permit handling 2. Strong external public relations communication skills, hard work and flexibility 3. Strong work organization, arrangement and coordination skills 4. Solid writing skills, familiar with official document writing, able to write various reports, official documents and comprehensive text materials 5. Able to collaborate across teams and multiple terminals, with a high sense of responsibility and patience, and strong adaptability.
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