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Hema-Legal Expert-Changsha

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Job Description

job description

1.Responsible for the daily legal support of Hema's business, efficiently identify, evaluate, actively monitor and report the risks of the company's new business and cooperation projects, and provide practical and effective risk avoidance plans and business promotion suggestions. 2.Responsible for the drafting and review of contracts and documents related to Hema's business, and participate in negotiations when necessary. 3. Efficiently handle unexpected risk events, and have the ability to predict and coordinate solutions to similar problems in advance. 4. Actively identify legal risks or missing important process systems that may occur during daily operations, effectively establish an internal alliance front for specific projects, and coordinate resources to take the initiative to get results. 5. Study the regulatory requirements and laws and regulations for Hema's business, and provide solutions for the implementation of the business.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in law, and hold a legal professional qualification certificate. 2. More than 5 years of legal work experience, and those with work experience in supply chain, retail, logistics, commercial real estate, catering, Internet, and e-commerce platform related industries are preferred. 3. Have strong execution, analysis, coordination, negotiation and risk response capabilities, and do not stick to conventions. 4. Have strong stress resistance and communication skills, careful logical thinking, strong initiative, strong ability to learn and accept new things, and be able to adapt to changes.
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