Hema-java technology expert (Yecai Technology)-Hangzhou

3-5 years
11 days ago
Job Description

job description

1. Participation box Ma Yecai is responsible for the system analysis and design of core financial business acceptance, accounting, customer settlement and other work, and is responsible for the development of core function codes and the design and development of key project architectures 2. In-depth understanding of business needs, analysis and discovery of system optimization points, and responsible for promoting product performance and Architecture optimization 3. Lead the research on technical problems, continuously improve system stability and high concurrency processing capabilities, and eliminate technical risks 4. Participate in the architecture design and implementation of the industry and finance basic platform and business platform.

Job Requirements

1. Solid Java programming foundation, proficient in Java EE, microservices, message middleware and other related technologies able to understand the principles and mechanisms of various open source frameworks familiar with Spring, ibatis , Familiar with open source frameworks such as Struts 2. More than 3 years of experience in the design and development of large-scale distributed high-concurrency application systems, familiar with mechanisms such as distribution, caching, and messaging able to reasonably apply common distributed technologies and solve problems 3 , master multi-threaded and high-performance design, coding and performance tuning have experience in high-concurrency application development 3. Have good ability to identify and design common frameworks and modules 4. Have experience in large-scale e-commerce websites or banking industry core systems Priority will be given to those with experience in design and R&D or financial analysis 5. Strong learning ability and adaptability patient/careful qualities 6. Like to see and try new technologies, pursue writing elegant code, and learn from technology trends and Can influence the technical team in terms of thinking.




patient/careful qualities
elegant code
high-performance design
message middleware
banking industry core systems
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