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Hema - IT Technical Support - Hema Headquarters

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Job Description

job description

1. Responsible for the daily maintenance and inspection of employees office computers and software and hardware (audio and video conferencing equipment, printers, etc.) 2. Responsible for the daily management of IT assets (procurement, warehousing, maintenance, inventory, scrapping, etc.) 3. Assist in the implementation of weak current infrastructure and network maintenance 4. Write knowledge base documents to provide technical guidance for IT teams and employees 5. Solve common problems through systems, platforms, applications, tools, scripts, etc., and provide technical solutions for the team 6. Cooperate with the team to participate in the implementation of various IT-related projects

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer-related majors, 3 years or more of IT technical support related work experience, Internet/e-commerce/retail industry is preferred 2. Have good communication skills, service skills and language expression skills, and have a team spirit 3. Familiar with Windows, Mac OS and other operating systems, those with independent support for 1000+ devices are preferred 4. Familiar with weak current systems, those with experience in infrastructure projects are preferred 5. Have basic network knowledge, have a certain understanding of wireless networks, and have network-related certifications are preferred 6. Those with code development experience are preferred.
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