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Hema - Human Resources Manager (Store) - Guangzhou

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Job Description

job description

1. According to the actual needs of the store, horizontally connect the store-related recruitment, salary, training and other HR full-module work 2. Assist in establishing HR-related service processes to ensure the compliance of human resource management 3. Develop various recruitment channels to complete the recruitment of personnel, especially the timely arrival of mid- and senior talents and key positions 4. Establish a training system and employee career development system according to business needs 5. Establish an employee performance development mechanism and reward mechanism 6. Promote the implementation of company culture, effectively handle various employee relationships, and continuously improve employee stability and organizational efficiency 7. Supervise the personnel efficiency and team capacity building of the outsourced team to support the rapid development of the business

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree, first-line HR practical experience is preferred 2. More than 5 years of working experience in retail, chain catering, large-scale logistics and other fields 3. Strong sense of responsibility for work and able to withstand greater work pressure 4. Possess keen insight, analytical judgment and risk control capabilities. 5. Have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness 6. Proficient in using various office software. 7. Familiar with various national labor and personnel laws and policies
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